Car Shipping FAQs in the US

Car shipping services Frequently Asked Questions, often known as auto transport in the US, is a service that lets people and corporations transfer their automobiles from one area to another, as car shipping FAQs frequently over large distances. Car shipping FAQs may be a practical and effective solution if you are relocating, buying or selling a car online, or just need to transfer car shipping FAQs across the nation. Here are some car shipping FAQs and frequently asked questions concerning auto transport

When will my vehicle pick up?

Pick-up depends on many factors, but mainly on location. Companies are route-based, which means that they have a lot of trucks in some places, and others will have very few trucks. Most automobile transportation firms will provide a pickup window or a set of dates during which the vehicle should be picked up. So be sure to speak to a representative about your pickup window if necessary.

Do I have to drop my car off somewhere?

Mostly not. Most car shipping businesses utilize a method known as door-to-door service, in which the driver comes right to your door for picking up your car and delivering it to your new home (or another location of your choosing). Only if the truck is unable to enter the neighborhood or is otherwise prohibited from doing so (some municipalities have rules prohibiting large trucks from driving through residential areas) may certain circumstances force you to drive your automobile someplace, such as a parking lot. In this case, the driver will ask you to take your car to some open place like a parking lot. Find out more about this at Indrive Car Shipping.

Will my vehicle stay on the same truck for the entire transport?

Yes. Once your vehicle is scheduled for pick-up, you will receive the name of the carrier and the driver also that is picking up your vehicle. Some areas require a local tow company to pick up your vehicle and then deliver it where your car shipping carrier will load it easily. This is usually happening in cities where the long-distance driver cannot physically reach the pick-up location.

Do I need my insurance or do the trucks have their own?

All auto transport carriers carry a federally mandated amount of both liability and cargo insurance. As long as your vehicle is on the car shipping truck it is insured through that carrier’s insurance, and your insurance is secondary.

My vehicle was damaged during transport, what do I do?

Any damage that will occur during the transportation of your vehicle will be repaired at the expense of the trucking company’s insurance. The driver at the pick-up spot will walk around your car for the inspection of your car and note down all the damages on a report. This is because of the separation of new damage and original at the time of delivery. At the time of delivery, the driver and you again inspect your vehicle, and if any new damage is seen that will be documented. This involves pictures and also the repair estimation price from a repair shop – from there. The truck’s insurance company will take care of the rest.

Do I need to be present when the vehicle is picked up/dropped off?

Yes. If you are moving and won’t be there for pick-up, you can give keys to your friend or relative and they can handle it. However, someone must be present for both the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Except in the case of terminal-to-terminal service, because whoever is working at the terminal can authorize pick-up and accept delivery.

My vehicle is not in moving condition, can I still ship it?

Yes. If your vehicle is not in moving condition you can tell your car shipping company agent about this and they ship with the vehicle with inop-fee. Inop-fee is the extra charge that the car shipping company will take because the driver will load your vehicle onto the truck with effort and for the security of your car, he uses instruments and this all takes time and effort.

Can I ship personal things in my vehicle?

No. Car transport companies are only licensed for vehicles, not for household items. They can transport anything but vehicles, not household items or personal items. All car transport trucks are required to make regular stops at weight stations to check the weight of the vehicle. The car transport trucks have a maximum weight allowed. So, you need to check your vehicle at the time of pick-up and remove all the household items from the seats of your car.

Can I track my vehicle while it is in transport?

Yes. You can track your vehicle. You get the contact number and carrier company name at the time of pick-up. You can also contact your car transport company’s agent to know the location of your car. You can track your vehicle anytime when you need it.

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